Our Mission & Equality Objectives

'The SGS Academy Trust will aim to focus on the development of the whole child by involving pupils, parents and staff in a supportive, aspirational and caring environment. We will positively promote and nurture the academic, moral, social, physical and creative growth of the children in our care.'

Our Vision

'Broader, Further, Higher'

  1. SGSAT will support schools to improve pupil attainment and distance travelled through the provision and coordination of effective performance management, continuous improvement and promoting best practice through peer support and knowledge exchange
  2. SGSAT will provide efficient, effective and coordinated non-curriculum services to each school to;
    1. drive down the costs of these services for each school,
    2. add value in the services they could access individually and
    3. ensure more budget is focused on student-facing services

Our Values

'We provide an essential service for our communities and will act with honesty, respect, responsibility and care'

Our Educational Character

  • Learners are treated as individuals and we will facilitate their learning journey from the age of 4
  • Where possible, the curriculum offer will adapt to the needs of the cohort, and will reflect a student's a choice, ability and needs
  • We will ensure ambition is fostered, resilience is a core strength and progression at all levels is the primary outcome for each pupil
  • We will create a visionary and innovative way of providing learning that fosters a sense of belonging
  • Learners are prepared for employment, or further progression, with the aim of producing well-rounded individuals who can fit in and contribute to society
  • There is an inclusive environment for staff and learners, with equality of opportunity, and where diversity is respected
  • Learning is fun and teaching and learning will excite and inspire
  • The success of learners and staff is championed and celebrated
  • Each individual is treated with integrity, respect and dignity
  • A culture of openness prevails
  • Continuous improvement is expected amongst pupils and staff

Equality Objectives

  1. To ensure that effective management structures are in place with a clear system for managing equality and diversity across the SGS AT.
  2. To use and embed Impact Assessment and Analysis across the Trust in order to examine policy and practice and proactively address issues emerging.
  3. To produce an Equality and Diversity Annual Report as a formal way of assessing and analysing data and identifying improvement and development actions.
  4. To enhance and demonstrate that Equality and Diversity is embedded in the curriculum.
  5. To collect and analyse pupil and staff data in order to proactively identify and address areas for development and enhancement across the staff and pupil experience.
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