SGS Pegasus School

SGS Pegasus School

SGS Pegasus School will offer an environment in which pupils will experience success and progress, where each and every individual develops self confidence and has high self esteem. We will strive for the highest standards and develop a "can-do" approach to learning and social interaction.

SGS Pegasus School is built on the following core principles: -

  1. Pupils are placed at the heart of all that we do at SGS Pegasus School
  2. Families are key partners in supporting learning. Outstanding liaison with parents/carers and families will be central
  3. Pupils are valued for the skills, knowledge, understanding, experiences and enthusiasm that they bring to our school, and those they build on when they are here
  4. Our school understands and focuses on transition and flexibility to ensure the best for our pupils, considering the right pathways and progression for each learner personally
  5. Our staff and school team will provide an outstanding teaching and learning environment, designing and integrating opportunities that are highly motivating and closely matched to each pupil's needs and strengths
  6. The curriculum will be personalised, challenging and focused on learning styles of pupils
  7. Assessment and targets will be personalised to cover learning, behaviour, communication, social interaction, community involvement, employment and independent living skills
  8. Our therapeutic approach will be integrated and blended into a holistic approach to learning
  9. Leavers will be given options for future progression whether that be continuing with full-time education, an apprenticeship/traineeship or volunteering, while in part-time education or training
  10. Staff will be selected for their demonstrated high levels of empathy, a calm approach to teaching and supporting pupils, their expertise and experience, but above all readiness to learn

When we open, we will encourage visits and will be delighted to welcome you to SGS Pegasus School.

I look forward to meeting you.

Sara Goldhawk

Sara GoldHawk
Head Teacher

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