About the SGS Academy Trust

SGS Academy Trust was formed in November 2014 in response to the request of the Regional Schools Commissioner, Sir David Carter to support SGS Forest High School, an 11-16 school in Cinderford. ( SGS Forest High School)

SGSAT then successfully opened a University Technical College (Berkeley Green) in an award-winning, purpose-built environment at Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park in 2017. SGS Pegasus, a Special Free School also successfully opened in September 2017 and moved into its state-of-the-art site in November 2019.

South Gloucestershire and Stroud College sponsors the Trust, and their size and range of expertise forms the basis of the support for schools within the Trust. The Trust aims to provide central support and expertise to ensure that each school can provide the very best education for our children and the best quality development of teaching staff. SGS College will make their expertise and economies of scale available to SGSAT if and when the SGSAT require them at cost: however, SGSAT is an independent Trust and will make arrangements for support from the most appropriate and cost-effective source.

The partnerships within our Trust are not just about structural change: they are built on a shared commitment to improving attainment, well-being and life chances for children and young people. This moral purpose, accompanied by outward-facing vision, is paramount for us in overcoming barriers to success. This can only be built on the basis of open, trusting relationships between all stakeholders.

SGS Academy Trust aims to focus on the development of the whole child by involving and effectively engaging with pupils, parents / carers, staff and the community in a supportive, aspirational and caring environment.