Message from the CEO, Kevin Hamblin

As funding for education reduces in real terms, even the best, most successful schools and academies will have to consider how they will be able to maintain front-line teaching and support staff in the medium term.

All Multi Academy Trusts profess to have a clear focus on the type of education approach they advocate and will state that they have a constant focus on improving quality through staff development. However, at SGSAT we believe a Trust should be doing this as a minimum and that with our current expertise we can deliver that and much, much more ‘added value’ services to free up budgets and create economies of scale.

Each school is different and whilst we will provide peer support, advice and structure where needed, we will not change what is obviously working in that school’s context.

SGSAT does not believe that one size (or approach) fits all. We will not ask a school to adopt a single pedagogy or change into a homogenous corporate ‘brand’. We will ask schools to work with each other openly and transparently to share best practice within the Trust’s family of schools. Headteachers will be recognised for their expertise and desire to be leaders within their schools and will be asked to contribute to the growth of the Trust.

“Our Trust will support schools only when required – otherwise we will focus on reducing bureaucracy and back-office costs so schools can continue to flourish”- SGS Academy Trust

For Good or Outstanding Schools, joining SGSAT will not mean that the Headteacher loses control or influence over the school. Instead, SGSAT will work with the Headteacher to take back-office workload away from their role, and work with them to focus on improving standards for students and developing teachers and support staff further.

An effective Headteacher focuses on teaching and learning and the pupil experience: academisation has placed a considerable non-teaching burden on school leaders and this is at best costly, while at worst it can distract from the primary role of being the Headteacher.

SGSAT, as with all Multi-Academy Trusts, is legally accountable for the financial health and academic performance of all schools in the Trust.

Our Seven Key Principles

  1. All learners are of equal value.
  2. We recognise, respect and value difference and understand that diversity is a strength. We believe that diversity is a strength, which should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit here.
  3. We foster positive attitudes and relationships. We actively promote positive attitudes and mutual respect between groups and communities which are different from each other.
  4. We foster a shared sense of cohesion and belonging. We want all members of our schools’ communities to feel a sense of belonging within their school and wider community and to feel that they are respected and able to participate fully in school life.
  5. We ensure that policies and procedures benefit all employees and potential employees in all aspects of their work, including in recruitment and promotion, and in continuing professional development.
  6. We have the highest expectations of all our learners. We expect that all learners can make good progress and achieve to their highest potential
  7. We work to raise standards for all learners, but especially for the most vulnerable. We believe that improving the quality of education for the most vulnerable groups of learners raises standards across the whole Trust.

Life Chances

Nationally and locally, there are many barriers to achievement for young people and many inequalities within the education system.

SGSAT exists to increase the life chances of all the young people in its care by offering support and opportunity for all, and particularly for the most vulnerable.

Life chances are defined as the extent to which a person has access to the resources they need, the opportunity to grow and to shape their own destiny, and the ability to obtain inner satisfaction; in other words, the ability to satisfy their needs. SGS Academy Trust aims to focus on the development of the whole child by involving pupils, parents and staff in a supportive, aspirational and caring environment.

We will positively promote and nurture the academic, moral, social, physical and creative growth of the children in our care.

We are committed to the aim of delivering a high quality and broad educational experience across the Trust; the continued improvement of schools within our Trust is absolutely fundamental.

The Trust is carefully building school improvement capacity with a small number of cross-school roles and processes to maximise efficiency. It will look to maximise the skills and resources available within the Greater Gloucestershire area to support its mission, including working with the Regional Schools Commissioner, schools, colleges, universities, Local Authorities and partner agencies, the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and other MATs and training providers in our region, to ensure it offers the best service to the schools within the Trust.

Whilst being responsive and innovative, the MAT must also maintain a strong financial position in each school and as a MAT within a challenging national and local picture.