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SGS Academy Trust is a newly-created Multi Academy Trust, which has been formed in response to the request of the Regional Schools Commissioner, Sir David Carter in November 2014.

SGS Academy Trust

South Gloucestershire and Stroud College sponsor the Trust, and their size and range of expertise forms the basis of the support for schools within the Trust. Many trusts claim to provide support to improve schools and to provide an improved opportunity to benefit the children and staff in any school joining the Trust. SGS Academy Trust believes this should be a given. No trust should exist if this was not the aim.

The difference with SGS Academy Trust is that we understand that Headteachers should be allowed to focus on Teaching and Learning whilst the Trust provides the framework, information, services and specialist expertise to support the school leadership in their role.

The Trust aims to provide central support and expertise to enable school leaders to focus on the education of children and the development of teaching staff. Together, we will improve pupil achievement by ensuring better opportunities for a wider curriculum; share expertise; create economies of scale which will free up budget to spend on front- line activity; and ultimately free up school leaders to champion higher standards of teaching in their school.

So, the goal of the Trust is to ensure that school Heads are free from the worries and distractions of running the 'business' of an academy so they can focus on ensuring their school improves and staff are supported and developed to provide the very best opportunities for the children in the school.

By joining the SGS Academy Trust, a school can expect to share best practice amongst other schools working within the Trust and contribute to the development of the Trust as new schools join the Trust over time.

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