Building Services Engineering Craftsperson Apprentice


Building Services Engineering makes buildings work. It is a specialist branch of engineering within the construction sector. Craftsperson’s undertake the installation, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning and decommissioning of large-scale engineering systems which are used for heating workplaces such as those found in industrial and commercial buildings like office blocks, factories, schools and hospitals. These engineering systems operate by moving temperature-controlled water around the inside of buildings, providing heating and cooling, and utilise fossil fuels and sustainable energy systems.
Craftsperson’s have detailed knowledge of the system’s operating principles. They also:

  • Set, identify and establish the requirements of the job, whether from drawings or client’s other instructions
  • Liaise and work with other trades, suppliers and clients, as appropriate
  • Solve problems within the scope of the work they carry out
  • Undertake work to comply with all relevant standards
  • Plan and monitor work programmes for installing, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning and decommissioning systems
  • Contribute to adjusting the configuration of systems as they are installed

They are able to demonstrate competence in the health and safety, communication, quality control and environmental requirements appropriate to their scope of work.

Craftsperson’s are able to work within new build construction sites and existing
buildings on their own, proficiently and without supervision, in the most efficient
and economical manner. They must adhere to safe working practices without
endangering themselves or others.

You will be working towards your Building Services Engineering Installer/Heating
& Ventilation Standard by assisting in a range of duties relevant to your studies,
you will also be set aside time to complete your learning.
Working Safely

  1. Apply relevant safety legislation, codes of practice and safe working practices to self and others in building services engineering working environments.

Planning, Preparing and Working Sustainably

  1. Plan, organise and undertake the installation of industrial and commercial systems in ways which use resources effectively to complete work, with consideration for cost, quality, safety, security and environmental impact, within relevant legislative requirements, codes of practice and industry recognised practices.
  2. Prepare work areas in new and existing sites to undertake building services engineering industrial and commercial systems installation.

Installing Pipework

  1. Apply pipework fabrication and jointing techniques for industrial and commercial systems, including prefabricated and/or modularised components and distribution systems and natural gas distribution pipework.

Installing Systems

  1. Apply installation, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning and decommissioning techniques for industrial and commercial; cold water systems; hot water systems, heating systems, chilled water systems.

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Date Posted: 08/07/2020

Deadline for applications: 29/07/2020

Location: Cheltenham