Engineering Degree Apprenticeship – Defence Submarines

Rolls Royce

“This is an opportunity to build invaluable engineering skills, working alongside our experts as well as studying towards a degree. You’ll gain the kind of all-round experience that will enable you to choose where your interests lie so you can specialise when the programme comes to an end. It makes this a brilliant platform from which to launch a truly fulfilling career as a Rolls-Royce engineer.

The programme

Join our Engineering Degree Apprenticeship programme and, while you’re working towards a bachelor’s degree, you’ll also be getting valuable real-world experience. By the time you finish, you’ll have achieved your degree and you’ll be ready, on a practical level, to start taking your career development to the next level.

What you’ll do

All the way through your degree apprenticeship, you’ll be working alongside exceptional engineering professionals. You’ll gain a firm foundation in engineering principles, before going on to placements in different areas of the company. These generally last four months each, which allows you to develop a real understanding of what working in that area means.

We recruit Engineering Degree Apprentices into a number of different areas. In all of them, you’ll enjoy on-and-off-the-job training and outstanding opportunities to progress. Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, you’ll have a good idea of where you want to focus. For example, you could be a Design Engineer, Stress Engineer, Development Engineer, a Service Engineer or a Lifecycle Engineer.”

Disclaimer – these details were taken from the employers webpages and were correct at the time of posting.  Please see the below link for up to date information.

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Date Posted: 30/11/2020

Deadline for applications: 26/02/2021

Location: Derby