Berkeley Green visit Cheltenham Science Festival 2023

7th June 2023

On Wednesday 07 June, our four GE Aviation work experience students got the chance to visit Cheltenham Science Festival and to show off their work experience project.

Over the course of 12 weeks, the four Berkeley Green students were tasked to recreate a Genisis module using a Rasbery Pi. An actual Genisis Module shows the pilot all the necessary information for them to safely land the aircraft such as altitude, velocity and the horizon. The students created a simulation in which the pilot can control the Genisis and get a feel to what it would feel like tanking off, flying and landing an aircraft. The recreated model works by having the input device (joystick) sending data to the Rasbery Pi, which is programmed to plug the data into the simulation. Then, the Pi sends the new data to the output device (Pi Screen) where it is displayed.

In conjunction with this project, the students were mentored in how to properly present PowerPoints effectively, improve their CAD knowledge, problem solving, teamworking, coding knowledge, and manufacturing skills.

“As a whole, I have really enjoyed the GE work experience. I have learned lots about the aerospace industry and how to practice teamwork in a professional environment. I also appreciated the opportunity to do things like practice interviews with feedback and CV reflection under the guidance of my mentors” – Tom, UTC/GE Work Experience student.

As a culmination to the work experience, the four students enjoyed interacting with the general public at Cheltenham Science Festival, encouraging younger students from local schools to engage with their interactive exhibit, and supported GE Aviation in their mission to raise enthusiasm for STEM careers.

While at the festival, they also visited a variety of company exhibits and interacted with a range of company representatives. It was fantastic to see such a huge turnout of businesses and schools and was such a refreshing and exciting way to celebrate careers and advancements in Science and Technology.

All four students received Gold Industrial Cadet awards for completing their work experience.