Careers in the Space Sector – EVONA Tech Talk

22nd March 2023

On Wednesday 22nd March, students at Berkeley Green had the opportunity to learn about careers in the space sector.

Three outreach volunteers from EVONA, a space sector recruitment agency based in Bristol, visited the school to deliver a tech talk which aimed to demystify careers in the industry.

Students were taught how to build upon the unique qualifications in Engineering, Digital and Cyber which they earn through studying at the UTC, and how to pursue careers and higher education to access this incredible industry as it continues to grow in the United Kingdom and across the world.

The New Space Industry was also broken down for our students’ benefit, and we explored how technological advancements, made through space engineering, have affected commercial, consumer, public and defence uses. The space industry offers numerous pathways across multiple skill sets, and from Software Engineers to Penetration Testing, or Electrical Engineering to Mechanical Design, there are so many roles to which students can aspire.

You can download the EVONA student guide directly from their website to learn more about pathways into Space Careers.

We are hugely grateful to the volunteers who visited us today, and for the considerable time they spent interacting with our students after the talk, learning about our curriculum and exploring our facilities.

We look forward to an exciting relationship with this company, with many more incredible opportunities to come.