Fly2Help’s Aim High Scheme Opportunity

10th March 2021

During half term SGS Berkeley Green UTC students had a fantastic opportunity to take part in Fly2Help’s Aim High scheme. Fly2Help is a Gloucestershire based aviation charity that has recently become one of the outreach partners for the Department for Transport. It is dedicated to changing lives using the power and wonder of flight.

The Aim High program promotes opportunities available to young people within the aviation industry, helping to build experiences and knowledge. After recent discussions between Fly2Help and Berkeley Green UTC, it became very clear how their schemes could benefit our students, many of whom already hold an interest in aviation. This connection was formed through an introduction made by GFirst LEP, an organisation that the UTC is actively engaging with, to help develop more industry links and enrich the curriculum.

UTC students made up the majority of the three day Sustainable Futures event, with professionals from the aviation industry and focused on future technology in sustainable aviation. Companies represented at the event included Rolls-Royce, ZeroAvia, Lockheed Martin UK, Flyby Technology, Skyborne Airline Academy and TekTowr.

Kim Lewington MBE, from Fly2Help commented

“The students engaged so well and the speakers certainly enjoyed the standard of questions being asked, as they made very clear in their feedback. In fact one speaker thought he may have to change his presentation, as the students were already very aware of some of the subject he was discussing, and this speaker was an Aviation Ambassador for the Department for Transport!”

UTC students learnt a lot from the scheme and had opportunities to network with key professionals within the industry. Alex Teal, a student at the UTC, remarked

“The Aim High programme delivered by Fly2Help has inspired me to pursue my career in aviation. I now have much more knowledge in areas that I had not previously considered, from sustainability to the future of aviation in all forms. I feel optimistic about the future of aviation and how it is adapting to our changing habits and climate issues.”

SGS Berkeley Green UTC is looking forward to working more with Fly2Help in the future and offering more of their unique insights and experiences to UTC students.