Future Flight Research Team attend IRIS Conference, Exeter.

12th June 2024

In June 2024, four Berkeley Green UTC students from Year 12 presented their hydrogen fuel cell research poster at the Institute for Research in Schools Conference at Exeter Future Skills Centre.

The research conducted to create this poster was entirely student-led, and the young people involved were self-taught in the Open-VSP software used to model the impact of storing fuel cells on Boeing 737. This topic is reflective of real world research currently being conducted by ZeroAvia.

To learn more about the project, please do watch the video made in collaboration with IRIS, ZeroAvia and Berkeley Green UTC.

Having completed this research project, the young people are retaining their passion for sustainable engineering solutions, and are moving on to become research ambassadors in Year 13. This project has built their confidence in applying their aptitude for STEM towards their career aspirations, and further inspired them to engineer a better future for our planet.

“Every student of engineering will need to care about what is happening with the world, now; it’s our responsibility to solve the problems that we make.” – Amaury, Berkeley Green UTC Student.