6th March 2020

As the third biggest employer in the world the NHS are a fantastic company for our students to work with. Today we have run an NHS day that has allowed students to look at a different side of the NHS. The day started with an assembly where we looked at the impact of technology on the NHS. We were then joined by Cathy Walsh and Phil Quirk from University Hospitals Bristol to speak with our students about apprenticeships in the NHS and the impact that engineers and digital technologists have on the running of the NHS.

All of our year 10 students then received some first aid training that taught them how to deal with cuts, fractures, shock and how to place someone in the recovery position. The year 10 students then took part in an employer led project that asked them to either investigate the WannaCry virus, design a new minor injuries clinic or plan how to deal with an outbreak of the coronavirus in Gloucestershire. Below are some links that students can use to help the find out more about careers in the NHS.