NHS & Ontic Deliver UTC Project Day!

9th February 2024

On Friday 09 February, Berkeley Green UTC were proud to welcome NHS Gloucestershire and Ontic for our Project Day.

Students had to tackle the challenge briefs below in teams, utilising their problem-solving, analytical thinking and communication skills. There were also cross-curricular mini tasks which got students to deploy their subject knowledge from across English, Maths and Science.

This was a wonderful end to national apprenticeship week and we can’t thank our employer partners enough for their ongoing support of Berkeley Green UTC.



NHS Digital Brief (Year 10):

You are part of a team of young digital technology enthusiasts tasked with developing a program to safeguard a health & care data platform from potential cyber-attacks. The platform is critical for storing and managing sensitive patient information. Your challenge is to design an interface that could be used to enter patient personal information and then explain how you will manage the system to keep it safe in the face of potential threats.

The team’s success will be measured by the program’s ability to withstand simulated cyber-attacks and maintain the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) of health & care data.

While developing the software solution to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of data, what critical security measures or controls will you consider including in your design?

Ontic Cyber Brief (Year 12):

Despite being an aerospace company, Ontic’s Cyber Security Team plays a large role in the smooth running of all business operations. As the cyber space grows, any company’s demand of secure cyber operations will continue to grow.

Task 1: Complete an OSINT report from a simulated set of social media accounts.

Task 2: Produce a report on a file system that the company have found to be potentially high-risk. Design a Pent-Testing Company and write a report on your findings.

Alongside this, you must:

  • Design a company, and all its respective branding.

And report back on:

  • An introduction to the company and what services it offers (this can include additional services, but be prepared for additional questions)
  • Content found in the OSINT and Penetration Test
  • Who it affects and how (you could classify your findings into LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH-risk data.
  • The legal requirements your company must fulfil to perform your research
  • The legal repercussions of a data breach of the specified data
  • Potential causes of a breach, and what aspects of our infrastructure would help a hacker.
  • A suggested media response to a data breach

NHS Engineering Brief (Year 10 & 12):

Nanorobots are being explored as a way to revolutionise Cancer treatment through their ability to target specific cells and minimise damage to non-cancerous, healthy cells during patient treatment.

Design a Medical Nanobot!

  • Information you should include in your Design:
  • Purpose (illness you are targeting)
  • Materials
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Method of propulsion/navigation
  • Data Storage
  • Medicine Storage

Include in Your Design Pitch

  • Show you have researched nanorobots
  • A diagram of an animal cell – bonus points for a 3D render
  • A diagram of how the nanorobot will navigate its way to targeted areas of the patient’s body
  • A plan for how you will make your medicine accessible to the general public.