RAF Project Day

9th June 2023

On Friday 09 June, Sergeant Kavanagh of the Royal Air Force visited the UTC to run personal development training with our year 10 and 12 students. Working on their quick-thinking, team-working and problem solving, students had to jump through hoops and develop strategies to overcome these tasks as a team!

Students were also tasked with learning about the function of Air Drops in royal air force history, and with creating their own paper aeroplane and supply package systems. By experimenting with different designs and package release systems, students had an insight into the variable factors that can interfere with a reliable operation. Faulty release pins, crosswinds, and irregular aircraft velocity had to be tackled through trial and error, however after multiple ‘test flights’ and modifications, the majority were able to achieve several successful exercises!

These PDT sessions and mini-project task were reinforced by an insight into RAF careers presentation, which outlined the multitude of possible pathways and job roles within the RAF reserves, as well as the pay and benefits of job security in the field.

It was a fantastic skill-building day all-round and we are enormously grateful to the RAF volunteers who were involved and helped to raise awareness about RAF careers!