UTC students delighted by results

20th August 2020

After an agonising wait, students at SGS Berkeley Green UTC are delighted to have finally received their GCSEs and to discover that, as a cohort, they have done very well indeed. GCSE Computer Science and AQA Engineering are the highest performing subjects which might be expected from a college which offers traditional academic GCSEs alongside technical qualifications in Engineering, Digital Technologies and Cyber Security.

Headteacher Louise Davies said, ‘After our outstanding A Level results last week, we are thrilled that yet again our students can today celebrate grades which demonstrate what can be achieved with a focus on the future, commitment and hard work. Several students have received all grade 8s and 9s but, more importantly, the vast majority have made excellent progress since leaving their previous schools at the end of year 9. It takes real courage to leave a school where you feel comfortable and join a new community. These results show that students are now reaping the benefits’. She added, ‘We are particularly pleased that one in six students achieved a grade 7 or higher in English. Our specialist courses are built on a solid foundation in the core subjects.’

As has been widely reported in the news, students studying specialist technical qualifications, including BTECs, will have to wait a while longer before receiving their grades.