Our Vision, Our Values, Our Why..

3rd December 2021

Our Vision

At SGS Pegasus School we aim to develop the whole child by creating a bespoke learning experience that celebrates our talents and successes.
We aim to involve pupils, parents and staff in a supportive, aspirational and caring environment. We will positively promote and nurture the academic, moral, social, emotional, physical and creative growth of the children in our care. Our school’s belief is that an ASC diagnosis should not limit our children’s ability to succeed in life.


Our Values

At SGS Pegasus School we have 4 values that underpin ALL we do:


    • Be SAFE
    • Be KIND


Our Why

We believe every learning opportunity should enable students to develop as:

  • Healthy, independent individuals
  • Ethically informed citizens
  • Ambitious, innovative learners
  • Resilient self regulators