The Brilliant Club 2019/2020

27th February 2020

The school was invited for the second year to involve selected students in the Scholars Programme (The Brilliant Club) which is run by Oxford University in conjunction with other top universities in Britain.

Last year all the selected students graduated and the school had the same outstanding success again this year.  The students were guided by a PHD student and focused on the core molecular biology principles of DNA transcription and translation.  Eleven Year 9 students were selected for the programme and visited Exeter University to learn about university life and opportunities.  The course was delivered through five 2 hour tutorials delivered by Amber (Phd Student) and supported and followed up by staff at Forest High.

All students had to submit a 2000 word assignment and assignments were marked according to university style gradings.  All our students passed with three students achieving 1st’s (over 70%) – an outstanding achievement.  Forest High is immensely proud of the hard work and resilience demonstrated and the resultant success.

Ten students attended a university style graduation event at Bath University on 6th February 2020. (One student was unable to attend for medical reasons)

Richard Stroud.