Our School Day

At the UTC we operate a lightly longer school day. The reason we do this is to prepare our students for the world of work where they will be expected to have longer days. Our Fridays are slightly shorter to provide our staff with time to develop their practice together.

Tutor Time09:00 – 09:2009:00-09:10
Period 109:20-:10:2009:10-10:10
Period 210:20-11:2010:10-11:10
Break Time11:20-11:4011:10-11:30
Period 311:40-12:4011:30-12:30
Period 412:40-13:4012:30-13:20
Lunch13:40-14:20End of the day
Period 514:20-15:20Staff training
Period 615:20-16:20