Curriculum Offer 2023-2025

Our Curriculum

At SGS Berkeley Green UTC, we believe in the importance of high-quality, specialist, technical education for young people, and we are passionate about bringing the worlds of employment and education closer together.  Our unique curriculum reflects this ethos.  The subjects and courses we offer are tailored to maximise the future employability of our students.  Equal priority is given to helping them develop as well-rounded, confident and healthy young adults who enjoy learning.

Every student that joins us is asked to select a specialist pathway.  Alongside this, and of equal importance, they will study a core curriculum of English, Maths and Science, the building blocks of any future learning, as well as option subjects which broaden their knowledge.

Students also study PSHE, RE and PE which develop understanding of the world around us, how to contribute positively to society and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Finally, Project and Work Experience provide opportunities to work alongside employers, gaining first-hand experience of the skills and attributes necessary for the 21st century workplace.

Our Key stage 4 and 5 curricula are outlined in the tables below.

You can access details of each individual subject or course by clicking on these links below each table.

Key Stage 4

Compulsory SubjectsSpecialism ChoicesOption Choices (select two)Extended Curriculum
English Language
English Literature
Digital Technologies

  • Cyber Security
  • Creative iMedia


  • Engineering
  • Design Technology
Computer Science
Graphic Design
Employer Projects
Further Maths
Private Study

All students will complete the double science course. However some students will be given the opportunity to complete triple science course. Some students will have the opportunity to complete a further maths qualification if they demonstrate outstanding ability in Mathematics.

Students will choose two specialism subjects. This could be two of the same specialism, or a mix of specialism subjects. For example a student could choose double Engineering specialism, or they could choose single Engineering and single Digital.

Students will pick two additional option subjects.

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Key Stage 5

Full Time Technical CoursesA Level CoursesTechnical CoursesExtended Curriculum
BTEC Extended Diploma in Engineering
BTEC Extended Diploma in ComputingBoth of these courses are worth three A Level equivalents
A-Level Computer Science
A-Level Design Technology
A-Level Further Maths
A-Level Maths
A-Level Physics
BTEC Extended Certificate in Computing
BTEC Diploma in Computing
BTEC Extended Certificate in Engineering
BTEC Diploma in Engineering
BTEC Extended Certificate in Applied Science
BTEC Diploma in Applied Science
BTEC Extended Certificate in EsportsAn extended certificate is worth one A Level equivalent and a diploma is worth two A Level equivalents.
Employer Projects
Work Experience
Technical Qualifications
Core Maths

With our post 16 curriculum you are able to study a combination of technical and A Level courses. For example you could chose to study the BTEC Extended Certificate in Applied Science alongside A Level Maths and BTEC Extended Certificate in Computing.

Here is what you will learn in our technical curriculum:

Entry Requirements

Technical Courses– You will need 5 GCSEs at 4+ including English and Maths to access these courses.

A Level Courses – You will need 5 GCSEs at 4+ including English and Maths, with a 6+ in the subjects of choice.




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