How to get to Berkeley Green UTC

Unlike most traditional secondary schools, SGS Berkeley Green UTC does not have a defined catchment area.  Students join us in year 10 or year 12 from over 40 different institutions, and with their home addresses spread across a wide geographical area (see map below left).   

While some students walk, cycle or come by car to the UTC, the overwhelming majority arrive by bus.  Some make use of established public transport routes but most use bus services provided by Applegates, a local private company.  

This webpage outlines the routes currently provided by Applegates.  The pricing for these services is on the last page.  Please note that these are indicative at this stage. 

We have also included details of the no 62 bus, a public bus service operated by Bristol Community Transport. 

BG1 - Areas surrounding Gloucester

This is a dedicated bus for UTC students living in areas surrounding Gloucester  

The BG1 currently also brings students from Cheltenham and the Forest of Dean.  These students travel to Gloucester or Brockworth from where they take the BG1 bus.   

The stops for this route cannot be altered as these are pre-agreed with Gloucestershire County Council. 

BG2 - Cam, Dursley, Wotton-Under-Edge, Kingswood and Charfield

This is a dedicated bus for UTC students living in areas surrounding  CamDursleyWotton-Under-EdgeKingswood and Charfield.

The BG2 can also be used by students living in Yate. Students come by train from Yate to Cam and Dursley Station where they connect with the BG2 bus. 

BG3 - Stroud, Painswick, Nailsworth and Bussage

This is a dedicated bus for UTC students living in the areas surrounding Stroud, including Painswick. In September 2021 the BG3 bus is extending to Nailsworth and Bussage.

Bristol 62 - Filton and A38 North

This is a public bus service run by Bristol Community Transport, which covers Bristol, Filton and the A38 north. 

Transport Costs

SGS Berkeley Green UTC does not have a defined catchment area and, as a result, the local authority is not responsible for providing transport as it does for many other schools.

This means that the cost of transport to and from the UTC must be met by the parents and carers of our students.  There are some exceptions, for families in receipt of lower incomes, and details are given below.

Applegates Buses

Please see the table (below) for current ticket prices for Applegates services.

Current Ticket Prices
ServiceAnnual costMonthly payment option
BG1£902.50 in full£94.76 deposit + 9 monthly payments of £94.76 = £947.60 (inc. admin fee)
BG2£902.50 in full£94.76 deposit + 9 monthly payments of £94.76 = £947.60 (inc. admin fee)
BG3£1140.00 in full£119.70 deposit + 9 monthly payments of £119.70 = £1197.00 (inc. admin fee)

All bus passes for Applegates services are purchased directly from them. There are three payments options: In full, termly or by monthly direct debit. Please note that there is a small admin fee when setting up Termly and Direct Debits.

Financial Assistance with Transport

We are able to offer assistance with travel to the following groups of students:

  • Students who are in receipt of free school meals in September will receive a free bus pass for that academic year
  • Students who are designated as ‘Pupil Premium’ may apply for a free or subsidised bus pass (the award will be subject to family income)
  • Students in years 12 or 13 who meet the conditions for bursary payments (on the basis of household income) may receive a free or subsidised bus pass

If you have any further questions then please get in touch via the office on 0800 4701516 or email