How to get to Berkeley Green UTC

SGS Berkeley Green UTC run a network of heavily subsidised buses to facilitate students’ attendance.

Due to notification received from the bus companies regarding increase of fares for academic year 2019-2020, students are expected to contribute £166.67 per term (£500 per academic year) towards the cost of transport. This is equivalent to approximately £2.66 per day. The first payment is due by 27th September 2019.

Payment plans are available, please contact the UTC Office to enquire via email or call 0800 470 1516.

All students eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant receive a free bus pass for the academic year 2019/2020.

Payment Options

  • Pay £500 in one payment by 27th September 2019
  • Pay £166.67 per term by the following dates:
TermPayment Due Date
1 – September to December27th September 2019
2 – January to March31st January 2020
3 – April to July24th April 2020