Values in Practice

“The pastoral care and support that our son received makes me confident to be able to recommend the UTC to any parent or student.”
Parent of year 11
At the UTC we have an ethos centered on the development and preparation for the next steps of our learner’s journeys. We center their development around their MIND, their CHARACTER and their relationships with PEOPLE..

We develop the MIND of each of our students through creative problem solving.

  • Developing independence – Developing our own independence and taking responsibility for our actions both have a huge impact on how an employer (and others) may view us. It shows that we are mature and reliable, and that we are far more attuned to the working world.  At a young age this can give us the edge.  It will also help us feel more in control of our own destiny.  
  • Having a positive attitude to learning – Having a positive attitude towards learning ensures that we are making the most of our opportunities and experiences. Factors such as communication skills, consistency, staying focused and meeting expectations and deadlines play a considerable part in this. 


We build a resilient and ambitious CHARACTER in each student.

  • Being respectful – We believe in treating everyone as you would expect to be treated. This is at the heart of a healthy workplace.  It’s essential for great teamwork.  It also means looking after yourself.  
  • Taking pride in how we dress – It doesn’t matter where you are working; there will always be a professional dress code set by the employer. It is important to follow these set standards to demonstrate a good attitude and to represent the company in the right way.  We should be proud of who we are and what we stand for.  
  • Maintaining excellent Punctuality and Attendance – Punctuality and attendance are factors that every workplace will monitor. They reflect our commitment to what we do.  It gives us the best chance to gain new experiences and learn new things.  Good punctuality also shows a positive attitude in the workplace.  

Our students work with PEOPLE and develop professional communication.

  • Being Polite – Good manners help build mutual respect.  They demonstrate that you can put yourself in another person’s shoes and develop positive relationships.  They also help to create a good impression.  
  • Being inclusive – We live in a diverse world so we can expect our study and workplaces to reflect this.  By rejecting discrimination and being open to the needs of others, we can build an environment based on mutual respect and understanding. Our faith room provides an environment for any student to use when needed.