Admissions Statement

SGS Pegasus School is a special free school which provides places for children who have a primary diagnosis of autism. All children require an Education Health Care (EHC) plan.

At SGS Pegasus School our vision is to develop the whole child by creating a bespoke learning experience that celebrates their talents and successes. We aim to involve pupils, parents and staff in a supportive, aspirational and caring environment. We will positively promote and nurture the academic, moral, social, emotional, physical and creative growth of the children in our care. Our school’s belief is that an ASC diagnosis will not limit our children’s potential to succeed.

South Gloucestershire Local Authority has a range of maintained specialist provisions that support pupils with complex learning difficulties, severe learning difficulties and behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. For more information regarding these provisions, please follow this link:

At SGS Pegasus School, our curriculum is tailored to meet our children’s individual academic, social, emotional and physical needs. We believe every learning opportunity should enable children to develop as; healthy, independent individuals, ethically informed citizens, ambitious, innovative learners and resilient self-regulators. Our school provides a learning experience which is highly personalised and reduces the barriers to learning that often prevent pupils with autism achieving their potential.

At SGS Pegasus School we have four values that underpin all we do. We are:

  1. SAFE and sensible at all times;
  2. RESPECTFUL of our staff, each other and ourselves;
  3. RESPONSIBLE for learning, attitude and actions;
  4. KIND to ourselves, others and our school.

Families are key partners in supporting learning and we ensure regular, effective two-way communications on all aspects of school life including social behaviour, interaction and the learning progress.

Admissions To The School

SGS Pegasus School is at full capacity of 110 places for pupils where autism is identified as their primary special educational need.

For a child to be admitted, the school must be named, by a local authority, in the child’s Education Health and Care plan. Parents wishing their pupils to attend SGS Pegasus School should discuss their interest in the school with their local authority.


Once a referral has been identified by a local authority, the EHC plan and supporting information is sent to SGS Pegasus School.

We will arrange to visit the child or young person in either their current school and/or in the home setting to determine if Pegasus school can meet the needs of the child outlined in the EHC plan. We will meet with staff in the current setting.

Offer of a Place

If Pegasus school is appropriate, the local authority will confirm the offer of a place to the family by naming the school in Section I of the EHC plan.

The parent/carer or local authority is responsible for making transport arrangements and will inform the school accordingly in line with local authority’s transport policy. Application for transport is separate to school placement.

An induction programme, appropriate to the individual child, will be created to support the transfer to the school. This may include:

  • Further meetings with the parents/carers and the child or young person
  • Visits of key staff between schools
  • Additional visits or part-time placement to support move by the child or young person

Number of Pupils

SGS Pegasus School has space for 110 pupils aged between 5 and 18 and is currently full.


For further information on our school, and visits to school please contact

  • Dawn Clutterbuck
    Office Manager at SGS Pegasus School
  • Marie Cooper
    Acting Headteacher at SGS Pegasus School

Tel: 01454 862057

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