Welcome from the Headteacher

“A very warm welcome to SGS Pegasus School. I am delighted to be the new Headteacher and I hope to continue to quickly develop further this already excellent school and provide the children with a safe, supportive and ambitious learning environment.”

I am very proud to have taken over the leadership of SGS Pegasus School as we continue into our fifth year. We have grown considerably and will soon reach our capacity of 80 students. Established to accommodate a growing number of local children with a diagnosis of Autism, we have developed a unique, integrated curriculum that meets the needs of every individual.

Our purpose is to ensure that each student leaves our school with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to lead a full and autonomous life. Academic learning is combined with the development of social skills and emotional self-regulation to ensure a well-rounded curriculum. We also prioritise sensory integration and promote learning through play and outdoor activities. In this way, the five “Cogs” of our curriculum mesh together to form an integrated learning experience.

We have developed a highly effective team of teachers, learning assistants, and therapists who collaborate to meet every student’s needs. Our therapeutic support is integrated and blended into a holistic approach to learning. All staff are expected to commit to our school values and to our restorative approach to promoting good behaviour and attitudes to learning. When students struggle to remain calm, we give them space and time to recover.

As an inclusive school community, we promote diversity and celebrate our differences. We encourage our students to be proud of their Autism!

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr Seuss


Marcus John

Headteacher, SGS Pegasus School

01454 568 200