Safeguarding at SGS Pegasus School

Safeguarding is of the highest priority at SGS Pegasus School. Keeping our students safe is everyone’s responsibility and all staff receive regular training to enable them to play their part. Any concerns are logged on our confidential online system (“My Concern”) and always reported to a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

The Designated Safeguarding Leads  (DSLs) for our school are as follows:

  • Cherie White (Headteacher)
  • Marie Cooper (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Katie Oram (DSL)
  • Nicky Wyss (Inclusion Manager and Deputy DSL for the Trust)

Our policies and procedures are aligned with those of the Trust and based upon the South West Child Protection Procedures.

The latest Department for Education guidance for Keeping Children Safe in Education can be found here.

To view the current SGS Academy Trust Safeguarding policy and procedures please click below:

SGSAT Safeguarding

Anti-bullying Charter

10 Key Points

  1. INCLUSION – of all students and staff, including: those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities; black and ethnic minority groups and all sexual/asexual genders
  2. RESPECT – all students and staff and by treating everyone fairly and equally
  3. LISTEN – and look for signs to prevent and reduce bullying in our school: poor attendance or unexplained lateness; changes in behaviour and physical appearance; appearing withdrawn or isolated
  4. CHALLENGE – all forms of verbal and non-verbal behaviour towards students or staff: physical; verbal; emotional; sexual; homophobic; racist and religious; cyber and hate crime.
  5. UNDERSTAND – all students and staff should understand the harm and hurt caused by bullying, harassment and cyber-bullying. Understand that sometimes ‘banter’ between friends can lead to bullying. If ‘banter’ continues and is directed at an individual it can be deemed as bullying.
  6. CELEBRATE – differences in everyone and actively (visibly) welcome differences in people across our school community.
  7. RECOGNISE – when you are part of or directly part of inappropriate behaviour that will lead to you being recognised as a bully
  8. RESCUE – be in control of your own behaviour – everyone makes mistakes but it is how you change for the better that matters and not what has gone on before
  9. REPORT – and respond quickly to any incidents of bullying according to the school’s anti-bullying policy
  10. ACTION – all staff and students who witness acts of bullying or harassment, or who are approached in confidence by someone being bullied or harassed or who has witnessed such actions have a duty to act in line with this charter.

If you are concerned about anything in relation to this Charter or have other ideas about how we can further raise awareness of our anti-bullying approach, please get in contact with SLT.