My Curriculum

‘My Curriculum’ has been developed to ensure an equal balance between academic, social, emotional and physical development.

We have selected a range of subjects that allow our students to be sufficiently challenged but is concise enough to prevent cognitive overload for our students. We teach more subject areas than is required for a special school.

My targets, My pathway, My curriculum.

PLIMS Progress Indicators

1No progress
2Limited progress (with support)
3Working towards expected progress (with support)
4Expected progress (with support or prompts)
5Expected progress (secure learning applied independently)
6Exceeding expected progress (secure learning applied in a variety or contexts independently)

Curriculum Areas

  1. My communication (communication and interaction)
  2. My thinking (cognition and learning) Maths
  3. My thinking (cognition and learning) Reading
  4. My thinking (cognition and learning) Writing
  5. My well-being (social, emotional, mental health)
  6. My body (sensory and physical)
  7. Myself (self-care and independence)
  8. How my world works (Science, Computing, Geography, History, R.E)
  9. My creativity (Art, Dance, Music)

Curriculum Information