Welcome from the Headteacher

The Forest High School has high expectations of all.

The Forest High School has the potential to become an outstanding and pioneering school that provides a superb education for young people of all backgrounds. It has a well established caring and individualised culture with a strong sense of community within the school. In addition I want young people to be excited about coming to school everyday and to believe their school is preparing them for a great future.

It is my absolute determination to provide the Cinderford community with a school it can feel proud of. In order to do this I know we have to provide all your young people with an inspiring and challenge learning experience that sets them up to fulfil their ambitions without any limitations. I want young people to leave FHS as compelling individuals who are willing and capable to change the world for the better on behalf of themselves and the community. I want them to be citizens who make the right choices, even when it is not the easy pathway. My commitment is to create the circumstances in which both students and their teachers can thrive and become confident and compelling individuals.

My immediate priority will be to ensure that learning and teaching at TFHS is consistently outstanding. All teachers will be offered a coaching programme over the next year which is based on research from the last 15 into how young people learn best. At the same time we will be reviewing the curriculum to ensure that it offers our young people a high quality of education. As a consequence of this review we will be offering a curriculum that will sustain our young people through the challenges of the next 40 years. A recent CBI report suggested that the current generation of young people in school will have seven distinct “careers” and that over 50% of these careers will require STEM skills. The FHS curriculum must reflect these changes and make sure that our young people are resilient, adaptable and inquisitive.

The wellbeing and welfare of all students will be at the core of all we do. Students will have a trusted adult to whom they can go when they need support. They will be challenged constructively if their behaviour prevents themselves and others learning. They will be encouraged to reflect and take responsibility for restoring their relationships. Finally, they will be given the opportunity to develop themselves through an outstanding sports programme using the superb facilities onsite; through programmes like Young Enterprise and the Duke of Edinburgh Award and through the chance to develop and lead on activities that they have devised. Student empowerment and leadership will be at the heart of TFHS.

Community will always be at the heart of TFHS. My vision for this wonderful school will only happen if the school works successfully with the community to build a better future for our young people.

Please feel free to make contact with me if you would like to be involved in and support our exciting journey.

John Whitehead

Headteacher, The Forest High School

01594 822257