Here at SGS Forest High School we:

  • believe safeguarding and protecting students is everyone’s responsibility;
  • have a culture of fairness and equality;
  • care for each other;
  • listen to our students;
  • are mindful of the needs and issues around vulnerable children;
  • teach our students to keep safe;
  • support students and their families and carers;
  • identify signs of concern;
  • monitor attendance rigorously;
  • communicate regularly with external agencies;
  • train all our staff/Governors in safeguarding;
  • keep all staff updated with new guidance & policies;
  • and, we collect and retain data on the school community in order to ensure they are effectively safeguarded.

What is Safeguarding & Child Protection?

Here at SGS Forest, we are committed to the safeguarding and protection of all our young people, it involves:

  • how well students are taught to keep themselves safe;
  • how well the school protects students from bullying, racist abuse, harassment or discrimination, and promotes good behaviour;
  • the effectiveness of health and safety policies and procedures;
  • the effectiveness of arrangements to provide a safe environment and secure school site;
  • how well the school meets the needs of students with medical conditions;
  • how appropriately child welfare and child protection concerns are identified and responded to by the school;
  • how effectively the school works with key agencies to safeguard and promote the welfare of children;
  • and, the extent to which the school ensures that adults working with children are appropriately recruited and vetted, and receive appropriate training, guidance, support and supervision to undertake the effective safeguarding of students.

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our young people and this requires all staff, Governors, visitors, parents/carers and students to share this commitment.

We aim to ensure that all child protection and welfare concerns and referrals are handled promptly, sensitively, professionally and in ways that support the specific needs of the individual child. Through providing a caring, safe and stimulating environment which promotes the social, physical and moral development of all our students, we aim to foster an atmosphere of trust, respect and security, which allows our students to flourish and go onto lead positive and fulfilling lives beyond school.

The SGS Academy Trust Safeguarding Young People and Vulnerable Children Policy and procedures can be viewed and downloaded here.

SGS Academy Trust Safeguarding

SGS Forest Safeguarding Team