Student Voice

Student. Teacher. Reflect. Inquire. Discuss. Evolve.

STRIDE helps us to move the school forward by listening to the people who really matter – the FHS students. Each session has a different focus; this could be a year group or even a vulnerable group such as those with SEND or those in receipt of free school meals.

We ask all the teachers to provide student books so that the students can show us pieces of work that they are proud of and also pieces of work that they have improved and that show progress. Each session is led by a different member of staff and lasts for around an hour.  The Deputy Head oversees all the sessions to ensure that they are consistent. A member of the local governing body observes the sessions to give them a better idea of how students feel about the school, this also ensures that the STRIDE process is of a high quality.

There are a series of prompts that are based around our four core values: respect, responsibility, resilience and curiosity. The students involved get a chance to fully share how they feel about the school, their learning, their progress, their wellbeing etc etc.

Now in its second year we continue to be impressed by the candid nature of these sessions; FHS students are always so honest with their feedback. E = evolve and this is possibly the most important part of the STRIDE process. All staff receive feedback from the STRIDE sessions and the heads of faculty are tasked with making sure that the teams know what they are doing well but also what they need to develop and improve. Heads of faculty formally feed this back during SLT strategic meetings.