Every School Day Counts

Parents and carers have a legal duty to ensure that their children regularly attend school.

Please do not request time off for family holidays during term-time, as requests will be refused.

Routine health appointments (e.g. Dentist) should be made outside the school day except in emergency situations. We accept that hospital appointments cannot always be requested outside of the school day, but we suggest, where possible that mid-afternoon appointments have less disruption to your child’s learning and attendance record.

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The Department for Education have produced the following useful leaflets for parents:

Our school target is a minimum of 96% attendance.

Students with 90% attendance miss:

  • 4 whole weeks of lessons each year
  • half a year of their secondary education

Research suggests that 94% attendance (17 days missed from school each year) equates to a drop of 1 GCSE grade in every subject.

There are 175 days per year which are non school days for other activities such as holidays and days out. Thank you for your support.