School Uniform

Pride in Belonging

We believe that uniform is important in contributing to the ethos of the school and in setting an appropriate tone. It supports positive behaviour and discipline; encourages identity with, and support for, SGS Forest High School.

We are pleased to announce that our new uniform supplier is Universal Uniform who are based in Cheltenham. Orders can be placed online, by telephone or by visiting their own shop.

All of the uniform is available to order via Universal Uniform except for Key Stage 4 school ties which are available directly from school only via ParentPay.

Open Uniform Shop

We have a limited supply of smaller size uniform in school for sale directly by school via ParentPay (smaller and larger blazers and school jumpers mainly at reduced prices).

All uniform should be clearly marked with the student’s name.

Uniform Guidance

Black BlazerTo have the embroidered school badge. Blazers to be worn at all times. Blazers should only be removed with the permission of the classroom teacher.
Black jumperThis is optional. It must be V-neck with a purple stripe.
TieBlack and purple stripe. Key Stage 3 – wide stripe. Key Stage 4 – narrow stripe. Senior Students – plain purple. Ties are to be worn at all times and knotted in such a way that the knot can be slid up to cover the top button at the collar of the shirt and hang correctly.
Black trousersThese should be in a traditional school style, classic smart, not tight or made from elasticated fabric.
Black skirtsTraditional school style, knee length, not tight or made from elasticated fabric.
White shirtShirts should be plain white with collar suitable for use with a tie. The shirt should be tucked in at all times and the top button must be fastened at all times.
Socks and tightsBlack.
FootwearBlack leather shoes with a flat or low heel.
Outdoor clothingStudents should have an outdoor coat. Please ensure this coat provides maximum visibility on dark evenings. Denim jackets, hoodies and any clothing with offensive messages will be confiscated. Outdoor coats, scarfs, hats or gloves should not be worn indoors.
HairHair colour should be natural. All hair which is tied back should be secured with discrete navy or black hair bands.
JewelleryNo jewellery should be worn with the exception of a wrist watch and one pair of ear studs worn in the ear lobe.
Make-upNo make-up should be worn. Any student wearing make-up will be asked to remove it. Nail varnish is not allowed. Long nails are not allowed for health and safety reasons.

PE Uniform

Short-sleeved Sports TopPurple and black with school logo.
PE OuterlayerBlack school technical sports layer with school logo.
School Tracksuit Trousers of Shorts or Skorts or Sports LeggingsAs available from our Uniform Supplier.
Swimming CostumeBlack plain school style.
SocksPlain black sports socks.
Football/Rugby BootsTo be worn on school fields for appropriate activities (Football/Rugby etc).
Safety ItemsShin pads, mouth guard required for extra-curricular fixtures.
HairAll long hair MUST be tied back.
JewelleryNo jewellery of any kind should be worn during PE lessons.