Purpose of Homework

Home learning will be meaningful and should aim to enhance independent learning skills. It will extend the learning opportunities achieved within school. The emphasis is placed on students having the necessary organisational skills to complete home learning well.

Show My Homework

This is an online platform that enables us to set homework, provide resources, communicate with parents and students, and provide feedback.

All staff are required to set homework using SMHW. All students are required to regularly log onto SMHW.

All students can look at their Show My Homework calendar by using the link below:

Access SMHW

Parents and Carers

Are essential in supporting their children with their learning at home. Parents and Carers can assist by ensuring home learning tasks are completed by reminding their children to regularly check SMHW. Parents and carers can also check whether students have completed homework using their own SMHW log ins. Parents can also comment via SMHW and staff can respond.

Types of Homework

  • Electronic Quizzes / Research / Worksheets / Booklets / Coursework / Discussion with Parents
  • Exam Papers / Reading / Spellings / Project Based / Personal Reflection
  • Revision / Recap / Knowledge organisers / Written

Homework will be given out as a planned purposeful exercise during the lesson or as part of the introduction to or review of the lesson. It is expected that homework will be differentiated for students of different starting points. It is the responsibility of all students to regularly log onto SMHW and to seek advice to fix any problems.

SLT will:

  • Regularly review the school’s homework guidance;
  • Monitor the effectiveness and implementations of this guidance;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of homework to support learning through student voice activities (STRIDE);
  • Carry out spot checks of SMHW to ensure that students are regularly logging on.

Tutors will:

  • Monitor homework is set and completed using the SMHW reports function;
  • Take an interest in / monitor progress.

Heads of House will:

  • Monitor the use of SMHW;
  • Liaise with parents and carers if problems persist.

Faculty Leaders will:

  • Monitor and support the appropriate setting of homework and marking;
  • Carry out regular reviews of student books to ensure that homework is set and completed;
  • Deal appropriately with student non-compliance and keep Tutors and Heads of Houses informed.

All Staff will:

  • Give positive messages about the value of homework;
  • Provide appropriate homework;
  • Deal with non-compliance immediately in line with school guidance;
  • Reward good homework appropriately;
  • Ensure that students regularly log onto SMHW;
  • Advise students to complete homework on time and to an appropriate standard.

All homework must be set using SMHW; printed copies of all homework must be available on request; all homework must be ‘assessed’ by clicking on SMHW to indicate whether it’s been submitted or not.

We all accept that homework supports learning in class and enables students to develop skills and subject knowledge. The importance of regular, relevant homework should be valued by all partners (home/school/student).