House System

We have three houses at The Forest High School: House Parks; House Attenborough and House Farah.

The FHS houses are named after inspirational people who embody our four core values: responsibility, resilience, respect and curiosity. Belonging to an FHS house gives a real sense of identity and the values represented specifically by that person are embodied within that house. We encourage students to ask themselves “What would Rosa do?”; “What would David do?”; “What would Mo do?”.

Students come together in houses once a fortnight in house assemblies that are led by the heads and deputy heads of houses:

Head of HouseDeputy Head of House
House ParksVanessa HullHayley Thomas
House AttenboroughSteve BrownsonAmy Roberts
House FarahMark HopkinsSally Bowles

Each house has a group of student leaders from years 10 and 11: House Captain; Sports Captain; Wellbeing Champion.

House competitions are led by Mrs Brain and change each term. Students are competing for house points and the pride of their house being the winning house. House points updates are enthusiastically received in assemblies every week.